An Invitation to Stillness.

Hi friends,
This post is amazing. And so needed. I don’t know how Erin knew that I needed to read this today (duh…God!).
She even talked specifically about me (not by name obviously): “We’re such drivers, overschedulers, and striving little strivers…so let us sit with the singular rhythm of fall, listening to the sound of the rain and our own heartbeats…”
SO good! I promise, you will be encouraged. Read this and try not to be. God wants us to be quiet and listen…so let’s slow down together.
Won’t you join me?

Going to the Sea

It’s eight pm in Texas and it’s been dark for hours. The man of the house is fed and the animals are too, so I’m deciding whether to go to bed or talk to you.

That my bed is winning so early in the evening feels shameful and weak.

But why? Who cares? The leaves on a million oak trees are inches from surrender. Why not me? And you?

The seasons are like good punctuation. Fall interrupts the steamy, hot breath of summer’s long sentences, with a cool sigh and a pause.

So go to bed at seven. Read to the kids by candlelight, gain a few pounds, wear sweaters to hide it, who cares? I came so that you might have and enjoy your life, Jesus said. So enjoy it, all of it. Why skim across it like a well-skipped stone? Sink in and drift.

We’re such drivers, overschedulers…

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