Trying to post at least every Monday (we’ll see how this goes): on being full term, finishing up house projects, and marriage…

Kinda crazy, but today is week 37, day 0 of our pregnancy.  Baby Z has officially made it to the point that doctors say she’ll be able to survive without a NICU, etc outside the womb.  A year ago, I couldn’t have imagined this happening but it’s funny how God says to do something and you sorta have to listen.  Well, I guess you don’t have to listen but you most certainly should.  And we did.  And there now is the possibility of a baby showing up at any time.

So how are we doing with all of this?  Honestly, it’s been hard to focus on the baby with so many other things to get done to get ready for her.  Not necessarily work on the nursery (more on that in a few days hopefully), but work for our job(s)/continuing education, work on our part of the house, work on our marriage, etc.

Ben is finally done with his 5 week physical science course for educators at UW…with it came many tedious homework assignments, a few tests, and a big paper.  And a stipend.  Thank goodness for some extra cash!  I finished up my master’s degree this month and am very much looking forward to that fancy diploma and, someday when I go back to teaching (2013-2014 school year or farther out), a pay raise.  Another really great thing about getting my master’s is that I can moonlight at a community college if I want to.  But that’s not exactly where my vocational passion is (check out this page on why I teach).

Working on our part of the house…oh baby (pardon the pun).  We are working today on finishing the built-in dresser Ben and his dad designed and built (I helped a wee bit screwing in the drawer slides) as well as putting up the rest of the trim.  Then all we have left is to put up the shelf and rod in the closet and we’re done with the non-decor items!  Curtains for the windows and a bookshelf can always be put on hold.  Again, more to come, including pictures of this awesome process!

Last but absolutely not least, working on our marriage.  We celebrate our 4th anniversary this Thursday, August 2nd.  I have been so blessed through the journey God has taken Ben and I down since we met on Easter Sunday of 2004.  There have definitely been ups and downs (I think I already quoted Blake Shelton in this post but God really did give me Ben for the multitude of joys and difficulties we’ve faced) but through it all, we’ve become closer to God and closer to each other as a result.  That only is possible because we are jointly focused in the right direction (toward Jesus) and willing to always come toward each other, rather than individually.

Good friends of ours just got engaged and one of the first things Ben said to the soon-to-be groom was how important it has been for us to walk through our marriage with other Christian married couples.  Needless to say, we’ll be inviting them to join the one that we were invited to join 4 years ago if they settle in this area.  Even though we haven’t been an involved with our marriage group this summer (we do date nights rather than our usual book study and fellowship) due to my traveling to Montana, Ben’s class, and working on the house, they have still found ways to encourage us both in our marriage and our upcoming parenthood.  We are so grateful for this and hope that we are following/can follow their example with our married friends as well.

Why [continually] work on our marriage?  Because Ben is my best friend, I committed to love him the rest of my life, and a loving, thriving marriage is the ultimate testimony of the goodness of God in our crazy, mixed up world.  And guess what?  How the heck are we supposed to be good parents if the most important human relationship in our home isn’t well-established, strong, and continually growing?  The short answer is, you can’t.  You may disagree, tell me that you’re parents first and husband and wife second.  But I will sit down with you and [lovingly!] explain to you that you are missing the boat in God’s grand plan.

Anyways, off your soapbox, Rachel.  Back to business.  I need to get off the computer so we can finish up that built-in dresser!  Have a wonderful Monday ya’ll!


Well it took a month but here are two more pages

I have been focused on a more than a few things:

  • Finishing my master’s degree (including edits on my thesis, defending my research, and attending others’ presentations)
  • Preparing the nursery (pics to come)
  • Helping with the master bedroom remodel (so close!)
  • Taking a break since I didn’t get one after school got out
  • Getting the house back in order after being gone for two weeks

That said, I have another Stay Classy, Everett posting as well as the first entry under Steward, which I think you’ll like.  When my 3 year old Bozeman airport buddy Gideon declared that we were friends midway through our 8 hours of paper airplane flying, I knew getting stuck in an 8 gate airport was a total God thing.