Early to Rize Challenge

If you’re new around here, my last name starts with a Z.  I buy into things more if I personalize them (reprezent?) so when I stumbled on MoneySavingMom’s Early to Rise Challenge, I figured I need to make mine Early to Rize or I wouldn’t do it.  Anyways, I’m late to the party but thought it was worth joining still so check out the Pinterest board of other bloggers doing this challenge.

Long story short, there’s an ebook that folks are reading to go with it but since I don’t have an ereader and we’re a smell-the-pages kind of reading home still, I’ll just go off of my own experiences and what other people are writing about what they’re reading.  That’s not cheating, right?  Also, since my almost 7 month old still thinks its fun to have night feedings, my early to rize might look a little bit different than everyone else but I’m working on it.  Oh, and we are a coffee-less family.  The only caffeine around here comes from the occasional real-sugar (in a glass bottle no less!) Coca-Cola.  And I have to walk 1.2 miles each way to get it.  The dog gets a walk and I can justify the calories!

So there’s your context.  And here’s my first installment.  I am sure I won’t blog every day (I don’t know how the rest of ya’ll do it!) but I would like to check in here and there.  Crystal at MoneySavingMom wrote a list of 15 things to do to make your day more successful.  Well, I rewrote them for myself as…

10 Things I’m Doing to Make Early to Rize Worth It

(read as commands from my inner drill sergeant)

Click here for a pretty printable I made for myself…you might even find it useful so feel free to print and use!

1. Make Your Bed.

I don’t have the issue of getting back into bed…rather, I have a husband who LOVES a clean house so this is the first step toward accomplishing that on a daily basis. And since I get out of bed after him, it’s my job.

2. Pray and Read the Bible.

Even if it’s a few verses a day (like through the GMG study), this helps me start my day off right.

3. Count Your Blessings.

I write these down on a scratch piece of paper and then when Serafina gets up, I read them to her before I write them in our Gratitude Journal. When she can talk, she’ll contribute too (hence “our” journal). This way, the practice of doing this with her every morning starts now. Ask me in a few years if that Gratitude Journal is gathering dust or not…I’d love some accountability!

P.S. Today’s entry in the gratitude journal is to be thankful for my dear friend who asked me to be her maid of honor (matron, I guess).  Yes, I’m thankful she asked me but I am more thankful for her friendship and am always amazed at the little things she does to make me feel, well, honored.  She came over yesterday and this is how she asked me to be a part of their wedding: a bouquet of tulips in a mason jar and a sweet card.  Wow!  And I’m the one who is supposed to do the honoring!  God definitely has blessed me with this friendship…

Of course I'll be your MOH!

4. Breathe & Spend a Few Moments in Quiet.

I’m terrible at slowing down, being quiet, etc. So I consider my walk down the stairs, through the living/dining room & kitchen, on my way to the bathroom to do #5 as my accomplishment of #4.

5. Take Your Vitamins and Brush Your Teeth.

I could say that I brush my teeth to start my day off minty-fresh but the real truth is that I’ll forget later on. Plus, I take chewy vitamins (budget breaker but at least I take them this way!) and it works to do it all together.

6. Do Your Sit-ups, Push-ups, and Squats.

I want my 6 pack back. Nuf said. Okay, I’ll settle for a 4 pack. But seriously, my folks have a lake cabin and almost 7 month old Serafina already loves water (bath, pool at the Y, etc) so I know I’ll be in a bathing suit a lot…

7. Get Dressed. Period.

Ha ha…yup. There are too many days recently I haven’t put on real clothes until I have to leave the house. Which is silly when the UPS guy needs your signature at 2 pm and you’re still in your bathrobe. Yeesh…

8. Hydrate.

I’ll get so busy that the headache around 1:30 pm is the only thing that reminds me I haven’t had enough H2O today!

9. Eat a Healthy Breakfast.

Yum…overnight oats anyone? Surely you’ve seen this all over Pinterest by now. P.S. The green smoothie comes later…mid-morning snack with an apple and peanut butter. Barely makes the budget but we squeak it in (more on that later).

10. Choose 3-5 Things from Your Weekly To-Do List to Accomplish Today.

I have quite ambitious to-do lists. If you know me at all, you understand. That being said, if I just pick out a few things, then perhaps I’ll get some of them done! I have had the frustration as of late of feeling like I get nothing done all day. My very wise husband suggested I write things down so I can know what I want to get done and then do them. God knew what He was doing when He put us together…such a smart and patient man for such a crazy, over-ambitious me.

So there you have it…my first day on the Early to Rize challenge.  Oh, and I got up at 8:02.


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