Motivation (and discipline!) Early to Rize post 2

I know today is not the second day of the challenge but…

drumroll please…


What the drumroll should really be for is Baby Girl sleeping through the night.  She slept from 8:45 (we had a looooonnnnnng bedtime routine last night…she just wanted to be cuddled and screamed her head off if we put her down in the crib) until 5:47 this morning!  Which is when I got up.

5:47 am.  Beautiful.

Which brings me to what Crystal wrote about this morning.


What motivated me this morning?

1. I know I’ll be glad I did it later (same as her #1).  I am back working my online job to help make ends meet budget-wise around here so I need the extra hour a day to get other things done so I can do that during Serafina’s afternoon nap.

2. Pain – I need to pump!  I realize this probably isn’t going to motivate anybody else but since a) I’ve been feeding Serafina through the night, b) she’s a one-side girl, and c) I only fed her this morning at 5:47, there’s some pumping to be done.

If you made it through the breastfeeding TMI, good for you…cuz the last reason is the best.

3. I get to see my husband before he heads to work for the day.  He leaves early – before I have been getting up – and I actually get to see him if I am up right now!  Further motivation to continue to do the Early to Rize challenge?  I think so!

I also got to do all of My Top Ten.  After making my bed, starting my morning off with Christ really is putting me on track to make the most of my mornings.

Happy Thursday!


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