Freezer Pack Pizza Sauce

We love pizza.  Love it.  As my husband says, “You can’t go wrong with bread, meat, and cheese.”  So I wanted to find a way to make a great pizza without spending an arm and a leg…and without wasting any ingredients.  Which often happens with cans of pizza sauce.

My mom and I were at Costco Business Center and saw their GIANT cans of pizza sauce…those would definitely go bad if I opened one of up for a night of pizza at our house.  She has bought it before and loved it so I decided to give it a try.  Then I looked at the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised: only vine ripened tomatoes, salt, basil, and citric acid.  Bam.  All good stuff!  And did I mention this huge can only cost $4.69?

So I got to work…with our FoodSaver.  If you don’t have a FoodSaver, you can do a similar process with Ziploc bags but they have a higher chance of getting freezer burn, opening on accident, etc.  Basically, you roll out the length of bag you want, seal one end, fill the other, vacuum, and seal.  And label of course.  You want to know how long it’s been in the freezer!  But you really care about saving money…so check it out…

Here’s the price breakdown for ya:

$4.69 for a 6 lb 11 oz can of Saporito pizza sauce = $0.04/oz

+ $1.00 for the portion of the FoodSaver roll used to freeze it


$6.45 for a 3 pack of 15 oz squeeze bottles of Contadina pizza sauce = $0.14/oz

+ $4.99 shipping

Pizza Sauce

Then, when you’re ready to make pizza, grab a package out of the freezer, let it sit in warm water for a few minutes to thaw, cut the corner, and squeeze away!  By the way, I chose Contadina’s pizza squeeze for cost comparison because I wanted to compare prices of products that wouldn’t have any excess waste.  We use pitas for our pizzas also for not being wasteful but also because they are quick and easy and after an afternoon of me at rowing practice and my husband getting home from work, we want something fast and delicious.  There happens to be a pita bakery in town and we can get a back of 6 whole wheat pitas (whole wheat flour, sugar, yeast, salt) for $1.15 a bag so it is a great deal.

You might be thinking that the overall cost savings really don’t merit the work.  3x cost savings is a lot to me but the thing that is even more important is the ingredients.  I noted Saporito’s ingredients above, but I want you to check out the difference:

Saporito: Vine ripened tomatoes, salt, basil, citric acid

Contadina: Tomato puree (water, tomato paste), corn syrup, salt, modified corn starch, soybean oil, onion powder, spices, citric acid, garlic powder, natural flavors.

I am not a fan of corn syrup in any form and I am always wary when labels say “spices” and especially “natural flavors.”  And honestly, since I’ve had both sauces, I can honestly say that the Saporito tastes SOOOOOO much better.  If you don’t believe me, come on over and I’ll make you a pita pizza. 🙂

Here’s to feeding our families well and on a budget!

FoodSavers are awesome!  We didn’t have one for the first few years we were married and I would just buy my own rolls of bags and borrow a friend’s.  I am really glad we have one now though.  If you don’t have one yet, I would highly encourage you to get one.  We got ours last Labor Day weekend on a great sale at Fred Meyer – all their FoodSaver stuff was 30% off, they had a 20% off all housewares coupon, and we had a $10 off manufacturer’s coupon so we got it for a good deal.


2 thoughts on “Freezer Pack Pizza Sauce

  1. Great idea with the freezer bags!! I have thsame problem all the time- even with bread… it tends to go bad before i can go trough a whole loaf so I usually freeze immediately the other half… what would we do without our freezers?!

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