Not so “Early to Rize”…but that’s ok

Technically I woke up early…

Once at 1:15 am.

Then at 4:27 am.

Again around 6:00 am.

And finally at 7:00 am.

Serafina – 7 months old and newly crawling – has decided to wake up at all hours of the night either from hunger (of which I, of course, indulge her) or from scaring herself because she woke up on her tummy (back to sleep, remember?).  Yeesh…let’s just say this schedule is not exactly conducive to the Early to Rize Challenge (for more on why I spell it differently, check out this post).

All that said, I have definitely been making the most of my mornings.  Today I started leading an online Bible study organized by Good Morning Girls.  Basically, thousands of gals around the world are organized into groups via Facebook, email, Twitter, or in person and we all follow the same reading plan.  Right now we’re going through Luke 9-16 and since it just started today, you can still get going and not be behind!  That’s something I love about it…we only read 9 verses this morning.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it helps me do better on being disciplined each day if it’s a chunk I can actually break off and chew so to speak.  Part of making the most of my mornings, being in the Word definitely helps get my day off to the right start.

Crystal asked who we were going to tell about our early morning success today…why not tell you?  Yes, I didn’t get up until 7:00 but Serafina and I still had a great morning.  I read my Bible reading aloud to her, she pretended to eat breakfast (still doesn’t like solids so she just gnaws on spoons) which I ate mine, and as we each got dressed, I talked through what each piece of clothing in and the colors that were on them.  It’s no wonder my husband thinks I’m crazily talking to myself when he gets home from work each day…no, I’m simply making sure Serafina is fully informed about what’s going on around her!

And to really make the most of my morning, it’s off the computer for me.  I find I get too distracted if I’m on here more than 30 minutes a day…which I am trying to limit to the first 30 minutes of Serafina’s first nap.  So here’s to self-control and discipline to make the most of the rest of my day!


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