30 for 30 Challenge – Here we go!

Beth over at Red and Honey has challenged her readers to pick something to do for 30 minutes each day and do it 30 days in a row.  She is totally awesome and even made a secret FB group that she added us participants to for extra accountability and encouragement.  Her’s is Bible reading and exercise and wants to blog about it so she is held accountable.  I am right there with her in terms of motivation…whether it’s my aunts (Hi Auntie Joyce and Auntie Alice! 😉 ) or a few good friends checking my blog, throwing out my hey-I-did-it or I-totally-failed-today updates are also a motivator for me.


My 30 for 30 is to

1) Read my Bible every day.

I am leading a Bible study via FB (pretty cool – check out Good Morning Girls for more info) so that’s my Monday-Friday reading.  I’ll just do my own thing on the weekends.

2) Only go on the internet for only 30 minutes.

I have an online job and need to do things like apply to be a sub for Everett (can’t wait!) so those things don’t count.  You know what I’m talking about here – the excessive FB trolling, reading blog after blog about the life you don’t lead, etc.  Basically, I want to curb my non-necessary internet use because I think it will help with me comparing myself, my family, and my life to others’.

Feel free to check in with me if you want to see how I’m doing on days I don’t post an update. 🙂  Leave a comment or email me at mrs.zupke@gmail.com.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “30 for 30 Challenge – Here we go!

  1. So how are you doing with staying away from FB? I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. It sucks the life out of me (and my kids notice, which HORRIBLE). This challenge sounds like a good way of giving yourself a goal and sticking with it.

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