“Green” Cara Box

Good Monday morning ya’ll!

In case you didn’t know, it’s Earth Day.  In honor of Earth Day, this month’s Cara Box exchange – my first! – is “green” themed.  I got to send a Cara Box to Kyla over at Ford-ology.   I had a lot of fun putting this together as one of my strongest love languages is gifts. 🙂  I got creative too…one of the gifts is green because it showcases the flavors of one of the Emerald City’s best chefs (that would be Seattle for those that don’t know).  Another gift was green in that I got my Pinterest on and made an upcycled accessory.  For another, I saved a little green by getting something really nice for free that she would really like based on our emails back and forth.  Now I’m excited to see what comes in the mail for me from the other gal I was hooked up with, Alma from Life as a Momma Bear.  Along with the gifts, you also *get* to send a note of encouragement which was fun to write but also refreshing to write because it reminded me of things I needed to treasure and cherish about the time I have with Serafina as she is little (Kyla has a little one too).

april cara box


3 thoughts on ““Green” Cara Box

  1. Shoot, I didn’t wrap mine! I just put them all in the box….oh well, I’ll remember to do it next month. Looks like an awesome package you sent out 🙂

  2. I wanted her to have to guess what they were based on my “green” descriptions on each tag. And technically the wrapping was green too – the ribbons were all off gifts we’ve received and we found stacks of unopened tissue paper in the garage from the previous owners! What did you send in yours?

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