Bl-irthday? Blog-iversary?

Either way, the point is that 1 year and 4 days ago, I started this blog.  Granted, I don’t have a huge following or make any money from putting my writing out to the Internet universe, so you may not think I have anything to celebrate.  But I do!  Check out highlights – blog-wise – from the past year (with links to said posts, of course!):

April: I started by giving you a bit of insight into my then-pregnant self as well as how grateful I am to have a husband who brings out the best in me (even if I don’t think it’s the best.

May: I wrote down lots of thoughts about friendship, so long that I had to split it into two posts (part 1 and part 2), and I got the Stay Classy, Everett tab going.  There are SO many fun entries here, my favorites being the best Craigslist ad ever (Google “best craigslist ad ever” cuz I’m not kidding) and kids say the darndest things.

June: I wrapped up my last year teaching at The Center School, my first job as a teacher and, more importantly, a place where God taught me that He would witness through me even though I never overtly shared my faith.  I reflected on why I teach and a little bit about where “reprezent” came from.

July: I finished my master’s degree (woohoo!) and frantically worked to get the house ready for Baby Z.  It was super fun to decorate the nursery and help Ben (okay, I didn’t help that much) with the master bedroom (which wasn’t finished until November but it makes more sense to put the link here).

August: I chronicled our camping adventures 2 weeks before Serafina showed up, walked ya’ll through how to can peaches, and reflected A LOT more about how we need to believe that God can do anything.  And then Serafina showed up.  Quickly.

September: I started photo albums of Serafina for family members far away (thanks to my fabulous husband who got me a fancypants camera as a pregnancy/labor/delivery present), shared my thoughts on missing the first day of school for the first time ever, and gave you a peek into my first 4 weeks of motherhood.

October: I continued processing life as a mom, attended the funeral of the dear woman who took care of me when I was a baby, and posted even more pictures of Serafina.

November: I started following other people’s blog in earnest, like Money Saving Mom, and joined in a month-long house keeping challenge (they’re tagged with “home” if you want to check them all out).  I also kept dabbling in the just-thoughts blog posts like this one on motivation.

December: I had a lot to say about how to fix violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and made sure that I was able to observe Pearl Harbor Day on my own since I wasn’t in the classroom (I would always do a history lesson that day even though I taught science and health).  I also posted on of the many Serafina updates but this was one special because I also hit on how important it is to work on your marriage when a little one comes along.

January: I got to use my wonderful camera to capture God’s amazing scenery on Serafina’s first snowshoe outing, I kept going with my thoughts-about-life-and-Jesus blog posts, and I started putting recipes under the Eat tab.  I also joined my first online book club (which comes to a close tomorrow; tagged as Because He Loves Me) and posted the first items in my Etsy shop.

February: I kept up with the book club and posted some cute videos of life in our house (aka Serafina playing with the dog).

March: I joined another one of Money Saving Mom’s challenges; I changed the name of this one to Early to RiZe since I love them Z’s (these posts are labeled as such).  I got to know (and myself) quite well in making a fun workout printable for one of my dearest friends and reflected on how much God really does love us.

April: I started another 30 day challenge, this one with Beth from Red and Honey.  I think this one is the most important yet because it is working on my self-discipline.  Okay, the other ones did too but this one is about my mindset, not necessarily tasks.  I got to share Serafina’s laughter and love of Maya with all ya’ll, participated in my first Five Minute Friday, and shared my first guest post over at Moody Sisters Organic Skincare blog.

Whew!  You made it through the first year of Reprezent98201 with me!  Thanks so much for checkin’ in and reading my stuff here and there.  I know that God is working in me through what I write and post here and I hope that you’ve been encouraged.  Feel free to shoot me an email at or leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to another year!

In Christ,

Rachel @ reprezent98201

Happy blogiversary


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