Reprezent: In Your Marriage

My tagline for this blog is my take on a dictionary definition for the [in]correct spelling of “reprezent”…

rep*re*zent (verb): to stand for, to be a spokesperson for, to be characteristic of. working to make a good name for Him in all I do

That said…I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be and how God wants to use it as a platform to use to me to really reprezent Him.  Which brings me to my first [two – gasp] series (series 2 will start tomorrow).  Whoa.  I feel like a grown-up blogger. 😉  Honestly, I subscribe to my own blog so part of it is that I know that what I write will show up in my inbox/bloglovin’ feed and I’ll get to read it exactly when I need it (daily in the case of the prayer series I’m starting tomorrow).

Without further ado, here goes my first one:

Reprezent: In Your Marriage

How can we reprezent Christ to our husbands, families, communities, and ultimately, the world in our marriages?  There is a piece of paper hanging inside the cupboard door where our plates are stored.  On it is a list of “10 secrets to a happy marriage” from a Karen Kingsbury novel.  Don’t get my husband started on her…every time he sees me reading one of her books, he asks the same two questions: who’s fallen in love with whom and do they all love Jesus yet?  Even if it is an easy read, at least it’s got good morals.  Anyways, I really like her list.  I’m pretty sure it was in a letter from Mrs. Baxter to Mr. Baxter or something like that (I read it soooo long ago) and apparently I thought it important enough to write it down and tape it up in the kitchen.  Actually, it’s the same handwritten version that has been taped up in every kitchen we’ve had since we got married: the tiny 550 square foot apartment on Queen Anne, the “sprawling” condo we rented in Lake City, and now in our home in Everett (reprezent 98201!).

Perhaps because of my own OCD-ness or just because it’s fun to look at pretty things (and play around with InDesign and PicMonkey), I took each of the things from her list, edited them down, and made them into little signs.  And scheduled them to be posted every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks.  I’m going to organize and save them for all posterity under a new tab up above called “Series” then “Reprezent: In Your Marriage.”  I have dreams for other “Reprezent: ___” series to hopefully they’ll make it up there eventually.  Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars, right?

Anyways, here’s week 1 in the first installment of “Reprezent: In Your Marriage”…

10 Secretz* to a Happy Marriage

(adapted from Karen Kingsbury)

Marriage 1

*just roll with my replacing of s’s with z’s, alright? 😉

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