First Mother’s Day

Dearest Serafina,

I have always enjoyed Mother’s Day because I have a wonderful mom and it is fun to honor her.  I also have been blessed to have other women in my life who have contributed to my mothering throughout the years and I know I am so much better for it.  But I am really writing this because I want to thank you for allowing me to celebrate this day. I am truly blessed to count myself among those lucky enough to have a child of their own via birth, adoption, foster, or other means. You are such a joy, even when you wake me up at all hours to eat, cuddle, or just enjoy the company of your mother.

I love…

…your smile.

…your outstretched arms when I come into a room after having been gone from your presence.

…the contented smirk you get – yes, a smirk – after you’ve finished nursing. You seem to think something is gloriously funny after you eat and it’s adorable.

…how independent you are. Like it or not, you are your mother’s (and grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s) daughter.

…when you squeal. Your happiness when you discover a toy you had forgotten is priceless…and ear piercing, but in a good way.

…it when you sing. Thank you for playing along with your mama’s terrible guitar skills.

…how you’ve brought your daddy and I closer together.  We already did love each other very much but now it’s amplified.

…how you’ve brought me closer to Jesus.  I wouldn’t have the strength to get through each day as your mom – not because you’re terribly difficult but because motherhood is a bit outside my wheelhouse! – without seeking the Lord through trials.

So thank you, Serafina.  I know it is not a given for every woman to get to be a mom so I am incredibly thankful to have the honor of being your mother.  I love you so much.  Whether you are our only blessing or the first of many, I am grateful you are here and that I get to celebrate today as your mom.

Love, Rachel

Mother's Day


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