Mason Jar Values

This is my 100th blog post!  I’m sorta proud of myself, if you couldn’t tell. 🙂  In honor of this 100 milestone, I thought I’d feature something else that recently turned 100…something near and dear to my heart but not for the Pinteresting reasons a lot of other people love them…

the humble mason jar.

mason jar 100

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Perfect Mason Jar.  From the side of the box:

One hundred years ago, this jar was a vessel.  What went inside was a product of a season of hard work.  What came out was a quality freshness that fed a family or nourished soldiers far away.

Between 1913 and 1915 the Ball Brothers introduced the “Perfect Mason,” the “Perfection,” and the “Improved.”  Even though these jars were discontinued in the years after World War I, they never went out of use.  That’s why we’re bringing them back as a celebration, these jars are a part of American history.  This collector’s series is meant to honor the spirit of building, craftsmanship, and innovation of past generations, which built a foundation of values for the future.

These jars represent* the hard work, passion, and perseverance that made this country great.  They are tangible proof that while hard times may fall, a stronger America will always rise again.

The American spirit remains preserved with the American Heritage Collection of jars from the makers of Ball brand jars.  Because what was once made in America is still made in America.

Sometimes I feel like I should have been born years ago and lived through times like World War II because, “…I find myself yearning for more of us to have a bigger perspective, to look outside ourselves, see what needs to be done, and be willing to sacrifice our own comforts and desires to make life better for someone else.”  Like it says in the third paragraph on the box, the work required to put up food for the winter took hard work, passion, and perseverance.  I find myself wishing more people had that perspective on life.  The mason jars we used as vases at our wedding had lovingly housed seasons upon seasons of canned tomatoes, green beans, peaches, pears, the list goes on.  They helped usher in our marriage and continue to encourage us to foster an attitude of resolve, initiative, ingenuity, and gratitude as they are used every year.

We too often take the easy route: rack up credit card debt rather than discipline ourselves to live within our means, quit jobs because we don’t get along with our superiors or feel that the job is beneath us, abandon relationships because it’s easier to leave than work through it, let the school system discipline our kids rather than doing it at home…you get the picture.

mason jar values 2

You may think I’m reading way too much into a humble jar that has been around for 100 years…but I promise you, I’m not.

When we are willing to make due with what we’ve been given – big or little, much or few – and put in the hard work necessary to make these gifts and talents into something fruitful, then we’re truly living life how it was intended.  Which is why I love the mason jar.  Yes, putting up peaches in August with girlfriends is a delight and oh-so-much-fun, but it is also an act of thankfulness for the harvest at hand, an act of diligence to make use of the time and talents bestowed upon me to take care of my family, an act of living out heritage by looking to the past as a means of thriving in the future, and an act of trusting that hard work now will lead to a reward later.

So buy yourself a set of commemorative blue jars.  Use them as a pencil holder, look up one of the other many uses for mason jars on Pinterest, or come over and we’ll can something.

Here’s to 100 more years of mason jars!  And to 100 more posts.

What qualities or stories come to mind when you think about mason jars?  Post a comment or share with me directly!

*when I was typing this verbatim, I totally wrote “reprezent” with the z rather than it’s proper spelling…I have successfully indoctrinated myself.


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