Accidental Homemaker – guest post

Good morning!  I have the pleasure of being over at Embracing Homemaking today with some thoughts on my track to being a homemaker (one I didn’t intend!)…but you really should check out the rest of it.  Here is a teaser to get you started:

When my friends were saying that they wanted to be a wife and mom when they grew up, I was going to be a veterinarian, fire fighter, or CEO.  Why would anybody want to stay home all day?  I thought to myself, “You want to be just a wife and mom?  How boring.”  Fast forward through college, the start of a teaching career…and then I got pregnant (planned, yes).  While toying with what to do for this next season in our lives, my husband and I decided that $-wise, it made cents sense for me to stay home with our little one.  I was actually terrified of this new venture…I’d never done anything like it before!  There were no metrics for determining how well you were doing (I am very success oriented), no recognition of little things (I vacuumed.  Every.  Single.  Day.  This week.), and little to no adult interaction (I’m a total extrovert).

So hop on over to Embracing Homemaking and read my post How This Accidental Homemaker is Embracing Homemaking.



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