Bear spray, anyone?

Yep, we went on another hike.  Today was QUITE the adventure too.  It was also really fun because I went with a new hiking buddy.  We met at the park last week and our dogs hit it off.  We ended up chatting long enough to share that our husbands didn’t want us going hiking by ourselves which made us great hiking partners!  She ended up joining us on this hike with an old hiking buddy of mine and we had a great time in the beautiful Boulder River Wilderness off the Mountain Loop Highway.

You can read the trip report here and check out some more pics.  Here is a tease to hopefully tempt you to check out the whole thing.

Perry Creek

And the full story behind the bear thing?  I wrote this in response to a friend’s question on my Facebook wall about where the bear was…

I think it was sleeping beneath us…so maybe 10-12 feet under the snow in a tree well? Honestly, I heard a growl and looked around but couldn’t see anything. Then Maya started shoving her nose into the snow and digging which is something she does to get at an animal. We were right near the opening to the tree well and then we heard the growl again, louder. I had taken the pack off (with Serafina in it) and had unstrapped her to get her out (it was where we were stopping for lunch). When I heard it, I looked at one of my hiking partners (there were 3 of us gals + 2 dogs + Serafina) and said we gotta go NOW. My other hiking partner Emily heard me and she turned back (she was ahead) and came with us. Of course, Serafina started crying when I picked up the pack instead of getting her out so there we were, run-hiking down the hill with a crying baby and 2 dogs. I was praying out loud “Jesus get us out of here safe” THE WHOLE TIME. We didn’t stop until we got back to the river 25 minutes later…

And yes, we’re all fine.  Just workin’ out our adrenal glands and making sure our fight-or-flight mechanisms are in good working order… 😉


6 thoughts on “Bear spray, anyone?

  1. Hi Rachael,

    Sounds like a fun hike. A friendly comment. From my personal experience as a long time hiker in the Cascades and as a biologist, black (and grizzly) bears do not growl. I know these terms sound subjective, but bears bawl, moan, snort, and even wheeze. Don’t take my word for it, but look it up on Google. I know you definitely heard some critter. But I am not sure what animal made the sound you heard because I did not hear it. 🙂
    Keith K.

    • Perhaps it was the wrong word to describe what we heard…because it was the same sound we heard a mama [black] bear make in Glacier NP a few years back when we unknowingly got between her and her 2 cubs! It was an adventure to say the least…that, plus some scratching we saw on a few trees on our way down. Thanks Keith!

  2. I just LOVE that picture of your dog. She is perfectly posing. 🙂 I never bring bear spray, but I going to re-think that. I enjoyed your blog…you’ll have to check mine out too. (everyone has a blog, right? 😉 )

    • Thanks! She is such a ham. Oh you should definitely bring bear spray! After a week in Glacier NP a few years ago, I don’t go anywhere with it…just in case, of course! I wouldn’t be surprised if we ran into each other on the trail this summer after seeing the hikes you’ve gone on…thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I added you to my Bloglovin’ roll so keep the hiking posts coming.

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