Reusable Burlap Wreath – Tutorial + a Patriotic Twist

Hello hello!  It’s been awhile but I figured it was good a time as any to get back in the blog groove.  Which won’t exactly be a groove because I don’t know the next time I’ll have a chunk of time to sit down and write/upload pics/etc…summer is time to live life, ya’ll!

I’m not a huge decor gal but I figured I could pull something like this off and I even did it WITHOUT LOOKING ON PINTEREST.  Yes, this project may be pinteresting, but it is all me, baby.  Sorry, had to be proud of my homemaking skillz.  That said, how about an easy tutorial to make a burlap wreath?  You can reuse all the materials because there’s no gluing/tacking down/etc required!  And, just in time for July 4th, there’s a patriotic twist.  Okay, it’s just a ribbon, but it’s cute.

P.S. This took me 20 minutes, start to finish.  That’s including the time it took me to figure out a few ugly ways to make it before I figured out this one.  So don’t be intimidated!  Give it a try!

Reusable Burlap Wreath Tutorial

by Rachel @ reprezent98201

Burlap Wreath words

1. Gather necessary materials:

  • Burlap (I bought a 5″ x 10 yard roll from Walmart for $5)
  • Some old canning jar rings (people give me them because they know I love to can)
  • 4″ x ~1.5 yards of fabric times 2 (I had this blue gingham lying around)
  • Pinking shears – adds instant charm to the fabric
  • 1 old wire hanger
  • Pliers

2. Cut out your strips of fabric.  Use pinking shears on all edges.  Set aside until step 5.

3. Uncoil the hanger.  Once you have the neck part untwisted, straighten out the entire thing.  Then shape it into a circle, bending the wire as you go.

4. Spear one end of the wire through the end of the burlap ribbon.  Then loosely wrap around the wire until you get to the point of one end of the wire circle overlapping with the other end.  Hold both the wire covered portion of ribbon (the end that you started wrapping) and the part to be covered and wrap the burlap over both.  At this point, you’ll now have a circle.  Keep wrapping the burlap over the wreath you’ve now made until you run out of burlap.

5. Using one of your fabric strips, tie a knot around the end of the burlap ribbon.

6. Slide some canning rings on the open end of the fabric strip and wrap it around the wreath until it’s almost out and tie it to itself.

7. Take the other piece of fabric and wrap it around the opposite side of the wreath.  Wrap around once or twice and tie a bow.

8. Hang on your front door!

And since July 4th is just around the corner, I made my wreath…

burlap wreath patriotic

Dig out some red ribbon, thread it through the canning jar rings, and tie in a bow.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

(adorable dog not included in tutorial)

burlap wreath patriotic collage words

This is linked up at Teach Me Tuesdays


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