The View From Here

I am a very lucky woman.

God blessed me with a husband who works really hard to provide for our family but who also is incredibly thoughtful…which is why I have dahlias growing outside my kitchen window.  Last fall when Serafina was itty bitty and I was learning the ropes of being a stay at home mom, Ben brought me flowers one day.  But they were in a bag!  In other words, he brought me a bag of dahlia tubers for planting in the spring.  Dahlias are my all-time favorite flowers and instead of bringing me a bouquet that would die in a week or so (which I would still very much appreciate!), he gave me something I can have every summer/fall.

To make the view even sweeter, Ben and Serafina decided to hang out in the shade right in line with the flowers.  I will do dishes for DAYS when I get to look up from the sink and see this.  God is so good…lovin’ my corner of 98201!

the view from here


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