How does your garden grow?

Mine grows like CRAZY.  Well, some of the things do.  2 springs ago, we built 4 foot by 8 foot raised beds in our back yard and have been aspiring urban farmers ever since.

Here is a peek into what we’ve been growing…

garden 1

I made some spicy dilly beans using my Auntie Sandra’s twist on Food in Jars’ recipe.  There are still plenty on the vine which we’ll eat as they grow as well as blanch and flash freeze in meal-size portions for the freezer.

As for the tomatoes, these beauties came from our cherry tomato plant.  See the few itty bitty ones?  Those are technically normal size. 🙂  I picked up these heirloom plants over in Wenatchee back in April and will definitely be going back there every spring for their starts.


And the zucchini?  Back in full force.

zucchini one year

That first picture I took when Serafina was 17 days old.  The second one I took when Serafina was about 17 days from her first birthday.  The zucchinis are the same size…but she is not.

What do we do with all the zucchini?  Make zucchini bread, of course!  Considering that zucchini bread is the only way my husband will tolerate squash, I make a lot of muffins and loafs to throw in the freezer for later.  I also make myself zucchini fries, grilled zucchini, zucchini salad, sauteed zucchini…you get the picture.  And, when I get around to it, I’ll be sharing all these recipes with ya’ll…but for now I’m busy baking and trying to use it all up!  Giving it away is also a way we get through our abundance of the wonderful green squash.  The funny thing is that Ben only allowed me to plant one seed this year…and it’s giving me a whole lotta produce!

We’ve also got delicious green onions, three kinds of lettuce, carrots, chard and kale for green smoothies, as well as some cucumbers.  The snow and snap peas were finished back in July but boy, were they good.

I really enjoy keeping a garden but definitely need Ben to keep me on track because I forget that things need to be replanted in order to keep a continuous harvest through the growing season.  It’s funny how he keeps me on track in so many areas, not just practical, day-to-day operations.  Isn’t it awesome how God gives us just the right person to walk through life with?  So thankful…

And with that tangent, get off your computer and go dig in the dirt!  I know it always makes me feel alive and connected to God’s creation…if you don’t already agree with me, hopefully He’ll change your mind!


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