#31Days: Remember when we first started dating

We’ve been Seahawks fans for a long time.  Longer back than this picture even (taken sometime in the fall of 2004).  But this picture is special because it is the first Seahawks season Ben and I were fans together. (awwwww)

Seahawks fans from day one

Seahawks fans from day one

We met in the spring of 2004, hung out a bunch that summer, and started dating Labor Day weekend that fall.  I am a planner and always like to have a full calendar – and if we’re not doing something, I write “free day” the calendar.  Anyways, my friend Tiffany invited me to her folks’ cabin at Spirit Lake in Idaho for the weekend and I was really excited for a sunny weekend with a good friend on the water.  I babysat that Friday morning and was planning to head straight home but my grandpa called me and asked if I could pick something up at the store for him.  No problem, of course, so I stopped by Fred Meyer and then headed home.

Ben called me and I picked up the phone (yes, while driving…don’t judge…I was head over heels for this guy and I was a block from home).  He asked what I was doing this weekend and I told him I was gonna hang out with Tiffany and then I turned the corner and could see my house.

Ben was on the phone leaning up against his car (which was actually a giant, old, white 12 passenger van – real classy).  Long story short, he had called Tiffany and gotten her to invite me as a ruse so I would have the whole weekend blocked off.  Then it took him more time than he thought to drive over from Wenatchee so he called my mom to ask her to stall me.  She called my grandpa who then called me.

I was so surprised that I dropped the phone on the floor of my car and quickly pulled into the driveway.  I jumped out and he picked me up in one of those movie hugs where the guy picks up the girl and spins her around.  We didn’t kiss, though…not yet. 😉  We weren’t even dating yet, for crying out loud!

at the zoo

at the zoo

That afternoon, we went on our first official date at the Woodland Park Zoo.  He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes, of course, because how could I say no to someone who could convince my mom, grandpa, and friend to lie to me for him?  This was just the start of a plan we got to watch God unfold in our lives…

31 days 2013


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