#31Days: Remember and recap salmon fishing

fishing 3

What fun!

On a cloudy mid-August Monday, Serafina got to go on her first fishing expedition with Papa Roger.  And we caught 3 king salmon in less than an hour!  Here’s Rachel-version recap (followed by the salmon fisherman Roger recap):

We headed out super early and drove across to Kingston.  There were tons of other boats trolling for salmon and nobody had any nets out.  When we got our first bite, Ben took the rod out of the holder and started reeling it in.  He let it run and reeled it in to tire it out…and brought in the first catch of the day.  We set up the rod again with the same lure (it’s called a Hoochie with is an artificial squid) and 15 minutes later, we got another hit!  My dad had me jump on it and after a few minutes, my arms were burning because of how hard the fish was pulling.  Ben reminded me that fishing wasn’t all “goldilocks” (just right) and that I needed to fight through the burn…nothing like some encouragement from your hubby. 🙂  I got it to the boat after about 10 minutes.  It was my dad’s turn about 30 minutes after that – on the same rod with the same lure AGAIN!  By the way, they cleaned off their fish all pretty while for some reason we took the picture of mine while it was still bleeding…which made it more slippery which is why I have a funny look on my face.  With our cooler full, we headed to check some crab pots we dropped earlier (no keepers) and then went back.  I am proud to say mine was the biggest…by a whole inch.  Serafina even got to take a nap in the forward hold with Nana Anne so everybody had a great morning.

Here’s the Papa Rog recap: all 4 were caught on was a green splatter back with shiny skirt and 3 green beads with a side wash hook hand tied by Tim Adderson (WGSF) or “Worlds Greatest Salmon Fisherman.”  The leader length was 34″ behind a red racer Flasher.  Location was off Appletree Point near Kingston in Area 10.  The 3 morning Kings were caught southbound at 1.5-1.8 mph.  [He went out again with a friend in the afternoon] The afternoon King was caught northbound same speed, same spot.  All between 75-85 feet one hour before tide change.  Great (awesome) day!  All caught on the same rod/flasher/Hoochie combo.

The remember part of this story is the picture in the bottom right of this montage…

fishing 2 watermark

Circa 1999 – I was 14 that summer – this is a pic of Dad and I with a fish off of Everett probably.  My sister and I have vivid memories of getting up early, heading out in the dark, stopping for coffee and donuts, and launching at the 10th Street Boat Launch up here in Everett.  Funny how things come full circle: now we live up here and Ben got to take Serafina out with my dad for salmon fishing.


2 thoughts on “#31Days: Remember and recap salmon fishing

  1. Love this! Jay and the boys are getting up bright and early tomorrow to fish Ship wreck. Hopefully they have as much luck as you guys.

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