#31Days: Remember the pumpkin patch

In honor of going to the pumpkin patch today, I thought it would be fun to dig out some oldies from the years we’ve tromped through the field at Carleton Farm.  It’s just over the trestle from Everett (read: 10 minutes from our house!) and has been a fun tradition to keep every fall…we’ve been going from even before we got married.  We’ve gone with friends from all parts of our life and had a blast each time.  This is in no way a full reprezentation of the friends we’ve been to the pumpkin patch with…it’s just a sampling but it’s still fun. 🙂

pumpkin patch watermark

Top row L-R:

Left: Ben and I during one of the early years…probably 2010.

Center: Kay and I picking dahlias.  We both LOVE dahlias and at Carleton Farm, for $5 you get to pick as many stems as you can fit in a zip tie (quite the deal!).  This must also be from 2010 (I can only tell because it’s the same outfit…).  This summer Ben and I got to stand next to her and her now husband as they said their vows!  You can check out how dapper Ben looked and how dolled up I got in a photo at the bottom of this post from July.

Right: Ben and I the fall we got engaged (we got engaged after this picture though) which was 2007.  We were such youngins.

Middle row L-R:

Left: Ben and some of his roommates being silly college boys.  This was also from 2007 (again, judging from outfits).  Both Dustin (on Ben’s right) and Nate (on Ben’s left) were in our wedding in August 2008.

Center: Gotta include an artistic and somewhat patriotic shot.

Right: Ben and I having fun in 2007.  The only reason I know this is because we used this picture on our save-the-date cards for our wedding.  Which is why I know the other pics are from the same year because of the outfits (can you tell I’m a great problem solver?).

Bottom row L-R:

Left: Ben and Todd last year.  Todd was also in our wedding (and Ben in his) and he and his wife Kathleen are part of our Sunday Night Football Club (you didn’t know we were cool enough to have a football club, did you?).  Todd and Ben are project buddies so Kathleen and I have many years ahead of us to get to know each other even better as we prepare meals for our guys tearing down/remodeling/repairing our respective houses. 🙂

Center: Becka was one of my college roommates and is clearly cuter judging by her rockin’ coat and my inability to smile into the sun.  She and her husband David live down in Portland and we have “kids” that can play together now that they got a dog.

Right: This was Serafina last year as a two month old!  It is so amazing how much she has changed (duh, I know) over the past year and it’s been so much fun to look back on our adventures.


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