#31Days: Recap Serafina’s first big day at the park

It’s been one of those awesome weekends.  Our friends [Uncle] Adam and [Auntie] Val (and their girls) got to stay over the last couple days, a new [old] friend from high school came to visit, I got to help out at Everett Rowing’s Head of the Snohomish regatta, we celebrated the upcoming birth of a baby at church with a shower for the new mama, and we hosted another fun evening of the Sunday Night Football Club.

But today’s post is all about Serafina’s first big day at the park.

This is going to be extremely straightforward and short in the word category…this is what we did and some pics (and a video!!!) to show it.

first park day wordsRemember, if you want to view any picture larger, click on it!  Then click the back arrow on your browser to return to the blog post.


The merry-go-round: first, she did it by herself and we just pushed it really slow.  We even tried training Maya to walk around and pull it but that lasted about 15 seconds.  Then I hopped on with her and let her hold on to the bar and I just made sure she didn’t fall.  She was great!  Until we got going pretty fast though…and they she’d let go because she couldn’t handle it.  We stopped it and her head and shoulders swung around a few times.  It was pretty cute but she was smiling and cooing the whole time.

The swings: we’d tried swings at home and she hadn’t liked it but she took to it when we all did it!

The slide: not so much.  We’ll try again next time.

Basically it was super fun because we got to hang out and Serafina is old enough she can walk around at the park and enjoy some of the play structures!

Click here for a link to the video if the embedded version below isn’t working for you.


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