#31Days: Relish crunchy autumn hash

My friend Val and I had quite the adventure today…we somehow managed to make and can applesauce with 3 kiddos under 3 under foot.  And everybody was happy!  Before we get to the title recipe, here’s the proof of fun had by all:


Being lazy, I used an apple corer-peeler-slicer to prepare my apples for applesauce.  Val and I set up an assembly line including Kendal as the sticker peeler (but only for the first few apples because then she got distracted).


We ended up with a bowl full of apple curls and didn’t want to waste them so we brainstormed what we could do with them.  I had bought a pre-cut bag of butternut squash chunks at Costco (the time to do it myself was just not worth the money this week) and already had a bag of Yukon Golds in the pantry so I thought why not throw everything in to a pan and make a hash?  Adam (Val’s husband) threw in the idea of having nuts in the hash and Val suggested sweet flavoring so we settled on cinnamon as the spice.  Ben even ate the squash, it was so delicious (okay, he did cover his in sour cream but it still counts as a victory in my book for my non-squash eating husband).

Without further ado…

Crunchy Autumn Hash

Click on the picture to go to the recipe!!!  I just stumbled on how to do this and am really proud of myself. 🙂


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