#31Days: Recap “Undivided Mom”

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So this is technically a recap but not of my own life (well, sort of!) but of a new ebook for mamas…and even those of you that aren’t a mom might know someone who would get something out of it so read on and pass it on!

Undivided Mom is a 14 day devotional by Kayse Pratt with the tagline, “finding Christ in the chaos of motherhood.”  Boy, is Kayse dead on.  Motherhood (parenthood in general) is chaos.  Having only one kiddo, I am sure I don’t quite understand the whole weight of the chaos of children.  I do, however, have a new-found appreciation for anyone with kids, biological, foster, adopted, or otherwise.


Admittedly, I am a terrible Bible reader.  I’ll win any sword drill hands down but ask me how many days I’ve sat down and read the Bible in the last month and I’ll look back at you sheepishly and change the subject.  I love Jesus with all my heart and work daily to live for Him but I’m way better at talking to Him throughout my tasks each day than making one of those tasks sitting down to read my Bible (please don’t judge…I don’t view reading the Bible as a simply a task to check off…but that’s another discussion altogether).

Reasons I love this book…

I love a lot of things about Kayse’s devotional but there are a few things about this Bible study that really make this a great fit for me…and probably every mom!

One of the biggest ones is that it is a manageable length.  I love studies like by authors like Beth Moore but I find I’m never able to finish the session’s assignment (I’m a teacher…I think in terms like “assignment” and “due date”) in time and I get really frustrated with myself.  When I fail at something over and over, I tend not to attempt them again…which means that I go a long time between organized Bible studies.  That said, each day’s entry is roughly a page with one or two journaling questions.  That is totally doable for me!  Hopefully successful completion of Undivided Mom will spur me on and encourage me to pick up another devotional.

Another thing I love about her book is how applicable it is.  Moms of little kids will readily commiserate with the stories Kayse tells every other day.  These give us perspective on how we can find Christ in all the things we do each day…laundry, diapers, discipline, messes…the list goes on.  You’ll just have to read it. 🙂

On the other days, the devotion is Scripture-focused.  These days show us how God’s word intersects those aforementioned things and how we need to lean on Him for even the simplest of problems.  I definitely need that.

Quotes that impacted me

On Day 3, Kayse writes…

In our own strength, we cannot accomplish a single thing.  Not even if everything on our to-do list gets checked off.  Without Him, it’s all worthless.

This hit me because it reminded me – read: punched me in the stomach – how much I need Jesus to be the center of everything I do.  Including starting the day with Him.  Which I have!  For the past two-ish weeks (I’ve missed a day here and there) I’ve read Undivided Mom and started my day with Jesus.  What a difference!  Not that I was surprised…I was more disappointed with myself that I hadn’t had the discipline/desire to do this more often previously.  But that’s the beauty of Jesus not giving up on us!

On Day 14, she reminds us motherhood is a season…

We’re in a season, moms, each of us.  Many of us are in a time of raising littles, and trying our best to take a shower each day.  It’s okay.  God knows our season, in fact, He’s the One who has led us here!  So let’s be real and extend a little grace to ourselves…you’re doing Kingdom work.  With an Undivided heart.  That’s accomplishment enough.

I love teaching.  I miss being in the classroom.  But God has provided a job for Ben and supplemental employment for me (coaching!) so that I can stay home with Serafina.  And that is exactly where He wants me to be.  Kayse goes on to remind us that motherhood is a ministry, a reason that I miss being in the classroom.  Her reminder is something I need on a regular basis – and something I encourage other mom’s to think about – and I know that my child[ren] will make an impact on our world because of the way we raise them.

Exciting news!

Okay, people, this is pretty cool.  Kayse is throwing a big giveaway on her website including a purse and travel bag (and a Starbucks card!) and, until October 13th, is offering a 20% discount on Undivided Mom.  Head on over to her shop and enter UMLaunch20 upon checkout.

I hope you love it as much as I have.  I’d also love to hear what you think of it!  If something comes up that you want prayer for, mommy-wise or otherwise, comment below or fill out the contact form to email me.


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