#31Days: Remember “Maya’s Search for Rayne”

This post is part of my series #31Days: taking a month to remember, recap, and relish.

Click here to access all the posts and here to read background on the series.

Two Octobers ago, Maya and I were running around Everett filming a short video for a contest through Experience Everett.  This pic is part of her adventure going to all of our favorite spots in Everett looking for her friend, a little girl from church named Rayne.


We had a great time.  Thankfully, she’s very well behaved so we could trust her crossing the street, running down a sidewalk, etc without a leash.  She brings people such joy, too, because she’s such a happy and friendly dog…once people get over the fact that she looks like a wolf (which she really doesn’t but people for some reason always go there).

There was a grand prize of $1000, which we didn’t win, but we did win Best Story for which we won $150!  I entered the contest because I’ve always wanted to make a film plus I wanted an excuse to film our cute dog 🙂 in all my favorite Everett places.  This will be something I’ll treasure especially after she’s gone…we weren’t even thinking about having kiddos at that point but now I know this will be a great thing for Serafina (and any other kiddos we have) after Maya’s gone (seeing as they’ll outlive her).  Just being realistic…

Since this is sort of a throwback post, you really should just watch the video (linked here if the embedded version doesn’t work) and enjoy.  Happy Wednesday!


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