#31Days: Recap this year’s canning projects

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If you read the post I wrote a few months back about mason jar values, you know how much I love canning.  You know my deep respect for the time and effort [men and] women tirelessly invest to put up food for their families for leaner seasons  as well as my love for the produce one gets to enjoy literally as the fruit of their labor.  So how about a recap of this year’s canning (so far)?

Canning recap - reprezent98201

This year’s canning adventures took me down some new recipe paths including a new fruit I’ve never canned…pears!  I also kept my streak alive of introducing another newbie to canning.  This was particularly fun (who am I kidding, it always is) because this novice canner was none other than a former student of mine!

I did the old stand-by of peaches in light syrup and raspberry jam as well as repeated some varieties I tried out last year like rum drunk peaches and raspberry sauce.  Based on other produce we had available (i.e. overflowing tomato plants in the garden) as well as Ben’s taste preferences (he LOVES spicy dilly beans), I ventured out and made several new recipes this year.  Regarding produce, we got our peaches from Wenatchee (this year we got a variety called Hale vs. Red Havens we’ve gotten in the past), our apples and pears from my former-high-school-basketball-foe-turned-friend Jeni, raspberries from Raising Cane Ranch in Snohomish (u-pick, organic), and the green beans, zucchini, and tomatoes from our garden.

This is a list of the jarred goodness I got to make this year:

Peaches: sliced in light syrup (5 quarts, 8 pints), rum drunk peaches (6 pints, 3 halfpints), honey spiced peaches (4 pints, 8 halfpints).

Pears: sliced in light syrup (2 quarts, 5 pints), spirited pears (2 pints).

Raspberries: raspberry jam (6 pints, 2 halfpints), raspberry preserves (4 pints), chocolate raspberry sauce (8 halfpints), raspberry wine jelly (9 halfpints), raspberry syrup (5 halfpints)

Green beans: hot spicy dilly beans (8 pint+halfpints, 4 pints)

Salsas: summer salsa with pears, apples, and peaches (2 quarts, 7 pints, 4 halfpints), my own recipe (coming soon!) zucchini salsa with, well, zucchini (4 quarts, 5 pints, 3 halfpints)

Peach pear preserves (in the freezer): 6 pints

And not to forget apples…I’ve done 4 quarts of applesauce so far and have 60ish pounds of apples to go. 🙂  Val and I were hoping to get more done but little kids in the kitchen makes for slow going.  Last year I ventured into making canned apple pie filling which was uh-mazing and will be doing so again (my clear-jel just came in the mail so I can get to that once I have a free chunk of time!).

If you want to can and you don’t know how, check out this post about peach canning.  If you want me to encourage you directly or need more information, feel free to use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you!

(Featured at Flour On My Face’s “The Canvolution Daily” for October 11)


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