#31Days: Relish zucchini salsa

This post is part of my series #31Days: taking a month to remember, recap, and relish.

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Oh yeah…zucchini salsa.  I love anything zucchini and I need to sneak squash in to things if Ben will ever eat this lovely late summer vegetable.

Since we had a bumper crop of tomatoes (until the slugs got them a few weeks ago), salsa was on the menu.  We also had a ton of zucchini (hooray!), I thought perhaps I could throw zucchini in the salsa.  I searched all over the internet and in my canning cookbook but couldn’t find a zucchini salsa that I liked.  Instead, I decided to make my own.  The chemistry teacher in me got super paranoid about acidity (since that’s the only safe way you can can produce) so I bought a pH meter.

It really is delicious and tangy.  I love the extra zip from the lime juice though you could probably get away with less.  Head on over to the recipe tab and check out Zucchini Salsa a la reprezent98201! (you can also click on the picture below to get to the recipe)

Zucchini Salsa - reprezent98201


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