#31Days: Relish some tasty gyros and Sunday Night Football

This post is part of my series #31Days: taking a month to remember, recap, and relish.

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Our Sunday Night Football Club (SNFC) is goin’ strong…and last night we had gyros!  I’ll take this post to tell you a little bit about the good ole SNFC and our delicious meals…

My friend Kay’s parents have been getting together with the same couples for the past 20ish years to watch football on a weekly basis.  They watched Monday Night Football for a long time and have since switched to Sunday Night Football.  Rotating homes, they’ve cooked and shared meals and football watching for a good part of their lives and have created friendships and community that spans job changes, children growing up, moving to different parts of Puget Sound, etc.

Being football lovers (though not loving the NFL right now especially for things like this), Ben and I thought we’d start up our own Sunday Night Football Club.  We invited a few families that we knew enjoyed football (at least half the couple, that is) and/or liked us enough to hang out with us anyway even if football was on. 🙂  Our eclectic group has families from our Royal Family Kids’ Camp days, church, and college.  We gather every Sunday night during football season to share a meal together and watch some football, even if it’s not our beloved Seahawks playing.  Though the night they whomped the Forty-Whiners was especially sweet because one of the families is full of San Francisco fans…we love them anyway.

All that said, this post is really about food.  Usually on the Friday before (or Saturday if I’m really behind), I text or email everyone with a menu idea and people respond with what they want to bring.  We’ve done barbeque night with chicken and sides complete with sweet tea, chili and fixin’s, and last night, gyros!  Melissa, the SNFC’s resident baker, even brought homemade pitas a la Smitten Kitchen.  Yum yum yum!  I also made tzatziki sauce but with our homegrown lemon cukes…SO tasty!

Quick Tzatziki Sauce by Rachel @ reprezent98201

Finely dice a few lemon cucumbers, not bothering to seed them.  Stir into a bowl of some Greek yogurt (I’m great with measurements 😉 ).  Throw in a splash of olive oil and a splash of lemon juice.  Peel and chop a few cloves of garlic and add to mixture.  Let sit in the fridge to let the flavors mingle.  Upon removal for serving, taste test and add more olive oil/lemon juice/garlic to taste.

Without further adieu, click on the pic below to check out how I make gyros.  Enjoy!

gyros - reprezent98201

So this picture is proof that you don’t have to watch football while eating gyros…you can also play cribbage while enjoying this delightful meal.  And get a killer hand at that (two 9’s, an 8, and a 7?  Yes, please!)…it wasn’t even posed.


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