#31Days: Recap my embarrassment + your input

So yes, I did break my big toe.  Technically, I fractured the most distal (farthest from my body) bone in my big toe at the proximal end (the end closest to my body).  The piece stayed in place and didn’t shift left to right or up and down so that’s really positive.  The not so positive result?  I have to wear a stiff-bottomed walking shoe for 4 weeks.  Great.  I get to not be active during my break between rowing and basketball.  Just what I was hoping for (not!).  Whatever…I’ll survive.  Ben’s actually kinda excited because now I’ll have to tone it down and stick around home more.  Blessing in disguise, right?

I told you in my post last night that I tripped and fell.  That’s literally how I broke my toe.  Nothing glorious or fabricated – like when Ben wrenched his ankle really bad the first year we were married and he convinced all his students that he did it running away from the hippos he was feeding at the zoo during his night shift job.  Just leaving the office to go to the dining room, my left foot caught under part of the rug, my right foot stepped down on the rug, and when I lifted my left foot to step again, my foot went forward but my toe stayed caught.  At which point I ended up flat on my face on the ground.  Thankfully I’ve done enough pushups lately that I caught myself with my hands and landed rather softly.  But still with a broken toe.  And “turf toe” aka a metatarsophalangeal joint sprain.  Say that 10 times fast.  I don’t feel too bad for how much it hurt, either, considering NFL players get placed on injured reserve for it.

All that said, I’ve been icing and elevating it since it happened (Serafina and I spent our first part of the morning watching The Lorax so I could stay seated with my foot up) and I’ll be starting an essential oil protocol Saturday once the local provider packages everything I need.  It’s kinda nice to have a supplier nearby because I love supporting local businesses!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

But what I really would like your help on is a change to my sidebar.  Would you mind taking the time to give me a little input?


I made these new buttons to take you to each of the categories I write about.  If you click on “thoughts on FAITH,” all the posts I’ve tagged with the word “faith” come up.  And so on for each of the categories beneath.

What I want to know from you is…

…do you like how they’re set up?

…does it make sense what they’re for?

…would you click on them without being instructed as to how to do it?

…are those catchy/memorable/inviting tags? aka do you want to read what’s tagged as such based on how I’ve named them?

You can provide input by emailing me directly, filling out the contact box below, or commenting on this post.  Any other general input regarding the blog (design, topics, frequency of posts, etc) would be appreciated. 🙂  Thanks so much ya’ll!

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Is it bad I’m kinda counting down til this #31Days challenge is over? 😛


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