#31Days: Relish Wheat Montana Flour

I must confess.  I love baked goods.  Especially light, fluffy ones.  This proves to be a problem considering how “bad for you” white flour is and how much people malign you for baking with just which flour.  At least it feels that way.  Which is why I have made the switch – mostly – to whole wheat.

When we took my sister to college in Bozeman all those years ago (because you’re so old, Sarah 😉 ), we went to a Wheat Montana bakery/cafe for lunch.  I bought some of their granola as well as their flour and honestly, I’ve yet to find a wheat flour that I like better (and that was 6 years ago!).  I still am loyal to Shepherd’s Grain All-Purpose Unbleached Flour when it comes to that lovely white baking medium, mostly because of it’s high quality but also because you can find out exactly which farm your wheat came from (and they’re mostly in Washington).  I am, however, about 60/40 wheat/white in my kitchen with Wheat Montana’s Prairie Gold.

i heart wheat montana flour - reprezent98201

I keep the glass container on my counter, the yellow bag and the plastic bin in the upper cupboards in our kitchen, and the big bag in the pantry. It’s everywhere! 🙂

A grocery store in Seattle used to carry their wheat and you could grind it into flour yourself but since we’ve moved to Everett, I can’t justify driving down there anymore just for flour.  When I went to Montana to wrap up my master’s degree in the summer of 2012, I grabbed a few 10 pound bags and shoved them in my suitcase.

And then, the best deal of all, my sister grabbed me a 50 (!) pound bag when she and her husband went to Bozeman to visit his family.  The crazy (awesome) part?  It only cost $28.99.  That definitely helps the food budget!

Their products are chemical free, non-GMO, and all natural.  I love Wheat Montana flour.

Around here (98201, remember?), you can buy their flour at Wal-Mart in 10 pound bags for about $13.  I think I’ll be able to make this bag last until my sister’s next trip to Bozeman (or perhaps I can convince one of her sister-in-laws to bring some next time they visit her!).  Their buns, bagels, and bread are deee-licious too but they aren’t sold around here (at least not yet, right?  A girl can hope…).  Every time we’d visit my sister in Bozeman, I’d insist we get a bunch of their baked goods so we could eat them the whole time we were there.

All that said, this white whole wheat flour subs 1:1 for anything I used to make with white flour.  It is a bit more dense but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  As for specific recipes, check back later in this #31Days challenge for at least one of my favorite recipes with this great product!

P.S. No one paid me or gave me anything to write this.  I was just thinking about how much I love to bake and, since you can’t bake a lot of things without flour, I thought about the ingredients I choose to fill my pantry with. 🙂


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