#31Days: Remember When I Became A Mom

Throughout the course of the this 31 day challenge, I’ve had a chance to remember, relish, and recap.  Yes, blogging is fun because you get to share your stories with whoever takes the time to read them but you also have a chance to verbalize all the stuff that it’s in your brain as well as walk down memory lane but in a concrete fashion that will be around as long as the Internet (so be careful, people!).

That said, I’ve taken this as an opportunity to reflect back on several monumental occasions in my life including…

…when Ben and I started dating,

…the day we got married,

…and how I became a homemaker.

In between those last two occurrences, there was a little event (only because she was little) that ushered in a lot of other things: I became a mom.

Here’s a teaser line from my description of Serafina’s birth story to get you to hopefully click over (or on the picture below) and read all about it:

God blessed us with a safe delivery and though it didn’t go exactly how we planned (does God ever let us have our plan exactly our way? ;) ), it was perfect.

the day God made me a mama

the day God made me a mama


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