#31Days: Relish Potato Leek Zoup

Yes, I spelled soup with a “z”.  I actually find myself replacing s’s with z’s in my regular writing, which is zilly silly, I know, but it’s so ingrained in me it’s hard not to!

We had a pretty decent garden this year and Serafina finally started walking well enough to get out and enjoy it right as it was reaching it’s end.  Which doesn’t mean the garden beds are wrapped up and winterized by any means (breaking your toe kinda puts a hamper on a lot of things getting done around the house).

s and leeks

Anyways, this is a fall go-to recipe because it’s so stinkin’ easy and so stinkin’ good.  Plus, you get to eat yummy baked goods alongside.  Which is always a motivation for me. 🙂

Click on the pic (or here) to see my recipe for Potato Leek Zoup.  Happy Tuesday!

potato leek zoup - reprezent98201


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