#31Days: Recap my Essential Oil Protocol

Alright, people…tonight is my second to last #31Days post.  I’m gettin’ a little tired (and doing more than my fair share of procrastinating) so this post will be fairly short but informative.

I said last week that I was going to try using essential oils to speed up the healing of my broken toe (catch up on my klutz-i-ness here).  My concoction – which Ben lovingly calls my healing potion – is based on several recipes I found online, essential oils (or flavors, as you’ll see below), and the availability of the essential oils at our natural foods co-op.  Which is actually a lot because the local supplier‘s office is right next door!  Bill @ Life’s Solace specializes in massage (relaxation, deep tissue, and aromatherapy) and foot zone therapy as well as packages and sells essential oils.  After calling the co-op to find out what the had on hand, they told me to call Bill and place a special order.  With the volume of orders he had, he told me I’d have to wait until Saturday.  No worries, I thought.  Then I got a call the next day from him telling me my order was ready!  What service.  I love Everett. 🙂  I also messaged my sister’s sister-in-law to ask about dilution of the oils since I had read that some oils can cause sensitivity reactions when placed directly on the skin.  She swears by doTERRA but gave me the best advice she could since she didn’t know the exact sources of my oils like she would of the ones she has in her medicine cabinet.

That said, you probably want to know what’s in it.  Oh, and it’s totally working.  I mean it…I can feel it.  I can’t wait until my x-ray on November 15th to see it all healed up!

eos for broken bones - reprezent98201

Broken Bone Essential Oil Therapy

by Rachel @ reprezent98201

(I am not a doctor so do your own research before deciding to use this recipe)


10 drops birch essential oil (bone regrowth, bone pain)

8 drops marjoram essential oil (muscle tension, nerve calming)

4 drops cypress essential oil (swelling)

4 drops wintergreen essential oil (pain relief)

1 drop basil essential oil (anti-inflammatory)

1 teaspoon organic peppermint flavoring (organic safflower oil and organic peppermint oil) (muscle pain, nerve pain; dilution)

2 teaspoons olive oil (dilution)


Mix all ingredients in child-safe bottle.  Twice a day (morning and night), apply oil mixture to the injured area (in my case, the front and back of my big toe as well as two inches down the side of my foot) as well as the bottom of the foot.  Cover with a sock.  Repeat as needed until the bone is healed.


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