Thank You, Veterans!

As we went about our errands today, Serafina and I made a point to thank every veteran we ran into.  We do this on other non-holiday-days but it was easier to spot those who are serving/have served today because more of them were sporting their hats, jackets, and shirts designating them as veterans.  All that to say, I’m extremely grateful for the service that the men and women of our military provide[d] and know that our country wouldn’t be here today without them.  A few weeks ago, my grandpa and I went to the local veterans’ museum and I got to hear many stories of service abroad; without their efforts, we wouldn’t have the same freedoms nor would those they protected.  I am also so thankful for the families that support them from home…I don’t know that I would have the fortitude to support my husband for months on end.  Recently, I had the privilege of photographing a homecoming for a dear friend whose husband had been in Afghanistan for many months.  There were several other soldiers coming home from a long time away from their families and it was both an amazing experience to get to be let in on this incredibly emotional family event.  Among many reasons, this is a huge one that spurs me to pray for members of our military every single day.

thank you veterans

So thank you.  Grandpa Oakes, thanks for your time in Korea.  David, thanks for your time in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Lauren, thank you for supporting your husband from home.  Neil, thank you for your continued service keeping our coasts safe.  For all the folks I know who serve in the National Guard, the Reserves, and other roles on American soil, thank you.  I am so grateful for those who have served in wars long before my time and lived to tell about it as well as for those throughout the years who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  And to the folks I don’t know or never will know, thank you for your service.  God has truly blessed our nation with men and women who understand and heed the call to serve and protect.  I am so grateful.


2 thoughts on “Thank You, Veterans!

  1. Those pictures made me cry. Thank you for taking the time to say thanks. We do the same thing every chance we get because I want my kids to know how much these men and women have given for them.

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