Who Left the Box of Cheerios on the Floor?

Wasn’t me. (Seriously, it was either my husband, my mom, or my dad.)

But Maya was happy.  And the kid had quite a rousing time playing with them.

cheerios on the floor

action shot…sliding across the floor to get to just the right one…

Yes, I thought this was pretty funny.  The dog and Serafina certainly had a good time.  My old self would have had a royal fit at this point (ask anyone who knew me pre-kiddo).  My new self?  Let’s just say God is refining me one mess at a time.

When I visited my sister this week, we went and saw an old teammate of mine who is about ready to have her 5th child.  Her other four range in age from a kindergartner down to a 19 month old.  They live in a marvelous farmhouse on some acreage and there’s always something going on (how could there not be with so many kiddos?).  What really amazed me, however, is the amount of poise and grace with which this mama handles herself.  Sure, going with the floor has always been part of her personality but I have a huge amount of respect for women who stay home with that many kiddos on a daily basis.

Inspired by her and many other wonderful women I know…

I grabbed the camera instead of my frustration,

I enjoyed the silly, ridiculous moment of messiness instead of overreacting, and

I altered my schedule to play along with my child instead of hurrying on to the next thing.

As the gentle sound of Cheerios hitting the floor in a magnificent cascade reached my ears, a wave washed over my heart asking me to listen and just be.

For once, I did.

Check out the craziness here:


6 thoughts on “Who Left the Box of Cheerios on the Floor?

  1. HAHA! I am so impressed, Rach. Seriously. I could hear your OCD creeping in just a little with trying to get her to put them IN the bowl, but I am glad you could enjoy this awesome, messy moment 🙂 Dino’s are next!!!

  2. I have many times been in a position like this one! But, I have yet to enjoy the mess and just be! Thanks for the reminder of how “wonderful” parenting is!

  3. I once asked my 3yr-old if she spilt this big pile of cereal on the floor. She admits too it then assures me that she made the proper response by saying, “Oh Crack! Oh Crack! Oh Crack”…. oh crap!

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