31 Days

I think I’m gonna try it.  Basically, bloggers choose 1 thing to write about every day for the month of October and post something every day.  We all link up together at The Nester and get to journey with each other with lots of topics from 31 days of Bible crafts to books on their shelf to outdoor activities for boys.  Here goes nothin’…

2013: 31 days – taking a month to remember, recap, and relish

I recently got a hold of a box of photos my grandmother put together for each of us grandkids and looking at them reminds me of so many stories I’ve wanted to tell but haven’t quite found the place to tell them (remember).  There are also many things that I’ve chronicled through pictures over the last few months but haven’t gotten around to writing about them (recap).  And I have SO many recipes I want to share that I thought this would be as good a time as any to write them up (relish).  All three words give me a chance to remember, recap, and relish the blessings God’s given me this year and throughout my years.  Here we go!

31 days 2013

October 1: Remember when we first started dating

October 2: Relish all that zucchini

October 3: Recap my [new] jobs as a coach

October 4: Remember and recap salmon fishing

October 5: Remember the pumpkin patch

October 6: Recap Serafina’s first big day at the park

October 7: Relish crunchy autumn hash

October 8: Recap “Undivided Mom”

October 9: Remember “Maya’s Search for Rayne”

October 10: Recap this year’s canning project

October 11: Remember the Power of the Written Word

October 12: Relish zucchini salsa


10 thoughts on “31 Days

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