More than halfway pregnant and other thoughts…

Well, it took until midway through week 23 but I finally feel like pregnant.*

Going to consignment sales for baby stuff, seeing ultrasound pictures of Baby Girl, and hearing her heartbeat…yeah, I should have been convinced.  But it really feels like it now.  I can’t wear my jeans anymore.  Students tell me that I finally look pregnant and that they didn’t really believe me when I told them I was pregnant (for the record, I didn’t tell them until we were 17 weeks).  After a delicious meal, I realize 5 minutes too late that I ate too much when, in fact, I ate the amount I would normally eat.  The problem is that once the food tries to settle in, it can’t because my insides are all shoved around.  And, for the first time in my life, I have heartburn.  I also can now officially sympathize with women who are especially well-endowed in the chest area.  Wow…how do you live life everyday with these things?

Oh, and the weight gain.  This is very, very weird.  I have been blessed with an athletic frame and a pretty good metabolism up until this point (I am sure eating well helps too).  Even during college – with major weight lifting, carb loading, etc – I had no problem with what the number on the scale said.  The weight was functional and I could feel it all being used.  But this, this is different.  Things are softer, they move around more.  And body parts are sticking out where they didn’t before.  I know it’s for a purpose but it just feels weird.  My goal, though, stolen from one of my wisest friends (who has a 19 month old herself) is this: don’t care about what the scale says as long as your doctor says you’re okay and you can’t tell you’re pregnant from behind.

Once I get over that part of pregnancy, I finally settle into the wonder of it all.  Especially the best part (in my opinion): feeling Baby Girl moving around all the time.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put this under “About” or “Worship” because honestly, I have a fresh amazement for God’s handiwork in the creation of new life.  How is it that I can be the vessel in which He is building a new human?  I mean, I know how…I am a health and science teacher.  But it’s just amazing to experience it personally, especially after having taught it for the last 4 years to 9th graders in sex ed and to 12th graders in AP Biology.  Good job, God!

As my handsome husband reflected the other day, our lives are seriously going to change come August.  He went on to calculate that there are 8 weeks left of school and then Baby Girl shows up 8 weeks after that.  While I’m really excited to meet her, part of me wants that time to slow down just a bit because this will be the last time we’ll get to be just husband and wife.  One thing I do know, however, is that God’s timing is perfect.  We thought we wouldn’t be parents for a few more years: we do parent the 140+ students each of us has at school everyday!  We also tossed around the idea of not having our own and instead parenting children who’s parents didn’t want the job (which we still are thinking about).  After weeks of prayer, God said to trust Him and obey.  I guess that means He’ll make sure we’re ready, even if the next 16-17 weeks go by faster than the Pooch-a-roo after a squirrel.  If you’ve hung out with her even once, you know that is blistering fast!

So you wanna see a pic?  Sure, why not.

But not the once-a-week-belly-shot…I don’t have enough cute pregnancy clothes!  Thanks to my mom, though, I have a few things, including this super-cute-from-Old-Navy-and-not-only-the-maternity-section frock.  Yes, I said frock.  Maybe if I get more clothes, I’ll take another picture.  Maybe I’ll post it.  Definitely not for a few more weeks though.

Enjoy this ridiculous shot taken by my not-exactly-a-photographer husband.

He always makes me laugh and finds a way to catch me like that in pictures.  He also likes to just press “go” and not center it or hold it at a regular angle.  Please ignore the only semi-clean house in the background – we’re midway through a mini-renovation that was supposed to be a one room switchover to a master but instead included hubby, my dad, and father-in-law rewiring the entire house, among other things.

Ruddy face after a long day, hair up in a messy bun, cracking up by something he said…I love that man – he always catches me at my best.  To be incredibly cheesy and quote the fabulous Blake Shelton…to my husband: “There are no words here left to say, it’s true: God gave me you.”

*For those of you who didn’t get here because you saw my blog on my Facebook feed, I’m pregnant with our first and due in August.


2 thoughts on “More than halfway pregnant and other thoughts…

  1. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am just thrilled for you and Ben! Treasure every moment and don’t delete any of the silly/off pics Benny-boy takes, you’ll want to put them in the baby book someday! Much love!

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