#31Days: Recap how big of a klutz I am

I think I just broke my big toe.  Yup…I’m a klutz.  I was going to write a great post tonight (remember, I am writing my #31Days post daily instead of having them scheduled ahead of time) but then I tripped, fell, and writhed in pain on the floor for a few minutes before my husband found me and helped me to the couch.  I can’t focus on anything but the ice pack on my toe and my conversation with God about how He made me a klutz/pleading with Him to let it just be a really bad sprain.

Your prayers would also be appreciated.  I’ll let you know tomorrow what the X-ray says…considering the fact that your big toe is so important that its the only one they recommend surgery for. 😦

P.S. Did you notice I put this under the category “Fun?”  How wry my humor gets when I’m in pain…

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