Baby Z’s Room

Finally…with 10 days to go ’til her due date, here is a look at her room!

I fell in love with Michael Miller’s Zoology fabric in Sea and used it as a base for what I did with the rest of the room.  It’s from their “It’s a Boy Thing” line but I didn’t care…all the better just in case Baby Z is a jokester and comes out a boy (or if we have boys later on, the gray, yellow, and teal works for everybody).  Way back in March, I put together an inspiration board of fabrics I liked.  I ended up using some of them but really the keys were gray, yellow, and teal.

Michael Miller Zoology in Sea

Anyways, the floor in this room was old wood subfloor the previous owners painted white.  The ceiling was also white and the walls were an awful baby blue.  I had a rough school year this past year and my dear friend Kay convinced me to commit a Saturday to painting the room so I could work on other little things afterwards – until that point, I had been putting off the little craft things because I didn’t want to move things in and then have to move them all again so we could paint when I found the motivation.  For many, many more ways than this, I am very grateful for Kay!  She also is the person who showed me the fabric.

Kay and the ugly blue room

So we got to painting and it totally transformed the room.  I hated the room and had relegated it to storage and a guest bed but really couldn’t stand going in there.  Now that it’s painted, I love it and am so excited to have kiddos in there!  If you count beds carefully through the next few pictures, there is room for 3 to sleep…

Alright, let’s get the tour started…and yes, there is a reason this is under create, whether from my own creativity or other folks’, whom I will do my best to cite!

Here is what you see when you walk in…crib, windows, black crates with black bins of toys, books, stuffed animals/loveys (including a handknit purple elephant by our friend Kathleen), a yellow rug to play on, diaper bag (the green bag on the right end of the crates), car seat (which we need to get in the car!), and trundle bed (hidden behind curtains if you’d like).

Tour stop 1 - crib, rug, window

Tour stop 2 - window, rug, trundle bed, giraffe art

Tour stop 2.5 - windows, toy/book crates, curtain-hid trundle bed

Reminder: you can click on the pictures and they will show up big in your browser window…then just click your browser’s back button to get to this page.

Zoom in on some crafting: I made the crib’s bedskirt out of extra fabric from the rocker (which you’ll see in a bit) from a Joel Dewberry print called Herringbone in Pond.  The car seat cover is Michael Miller’s Zoology print, made by Sew Cute in Arizona, who I found on Etsy and another wonderful friend (Thanks Sasha and fam!) purchased off of our gift list at

Hopefully you saw two pieces of giraffe art…we’ll get to those in a second.  They each deserve their own picture!

The curtains “hiding” the bed are there in case I didn’t want to look at the trundle bed.  Long story short, my dad had that bed growing up and then I got it as a teenager (once my sister and I had our own rooms).  As you can probably tell from the initial pictures, the ceilings are sloped…the joys of a 102 year old house!  There is no way we’d be able to do bunk beds for our kids since the ceilings are sloped in each of the three bedrooms upstairs so a trundle bed was really the only way to get multiple beds in a single bed footprint.  And since I am trying really hard to respect Ben’s garage organization (aka only put garage things in a garage, not storage), the trundle bed needed to stay in the house.  It happens to fit perfectly in the nook between the wall with the windows and the closet in the corner.  So it stayed.  Don’t ask me why I don’t want to look at it all the time…it’s probably the crazy prego in me.  But whatever.

I made the curtains from a king size sheet from Target.  The brackets holding up the “curtain rod” aka gray PVC are pipe brackets painted the color of the wall.  I pre-drilled the holes and screwed them in.  Voila!  Curtain rod for $6!

Curtain and rod zoom in

Okay, the first piece of giraffe art.  The one over the trundle bed was made by one of my old college roommates Annie who in March became the first one of us to have a baby (she was also the first one to get married – I was the second to get married and now the second to have a baby so we’ll have to give the next gal who got married after us a hard time to get movin’ on the kiddos!).  She knew I had picked out yellow as a color and painted this super cute double canvas pic of mama and baby giraffes.  Love it!  You also should check out the teal blanket on the bed.  This was knit for Baby Z and I by a very good family friend Joanne.  Gorgeous and so soft!

Annie's giraffe art & Joanne's blanket

Continuing on in the “tour,”, we get to the closet and rocking chair.  The glider was a hand-me-down from a family I used to nanny for (and who our ring bearer and flower girl in our wedding) and we finally get to use it for it’s intended purpose!  When they gave it to us when we first got married, I wasn’t sure how many years it would be before we used it properly but I guess that magic number is 4.  I recovered it in that Joel Dewberry print (I love teal) and asked for a Boppy pillow cover to match, again off our gift list via Designs by Christy S on Etsy (thanks to the same family that gave us the glider).  It has teal minky fabric on the back (aka super soft) and Michael Miller’s Giraffe Love on the front.  So fun!

Glider, alphabet art, Boppy pillow, breastfeeding basket

You’ll also see alphabet cards on the wall…my good friend Mandy got these for us off our gift list from Just Bunch Designs on Etsy.  I anticipate doing a lot of reading in that chair so we also might as well learn our ABCs while we’re at it!  The cards are just so cute too.

You also might have noticed a bin on the floor in front of the Boppy pillow.  That is my breastfeeding basket.  It’s got water bottles, breast pads, a book, burp cloths (that Kay made!), Quaker chewy bars, and snack size ziplocs of cashews and almonds.  My wise friend Mihkai (who has 3 kids) suggested having that ready as I will be hungry, thirsty, etc. and I won’t want to run downstairs (or send Ben down) for something I could have prepared in advance!  This comes from the woman who inspired me to meal plan when we first got married…she knows her stuff!

Okay, rotate a few degrees and you’ll see the closed bedroom door as well as the changing table/dresser.  The dresser was my grandparents and I replaced the original gold handles with nickel plated ones to match the grays in the rest of the room.  You don’t see a Diaper Genie cuz we are doing cloth so take a look at the wet bag hanging from the door handle.  This is from Planet Wise in Bumble Dot.  My not-a-blood-sister-but-closer-than-a-friend Val had been asking me what we still needed and I had included wet bags on the list and she found this one that matched the room perfectly!  She also bought us a medium sized one for our diaper bag that matches it (we have a military grade gun bag as a diaper bag so I picked out a camouflage-ish wet bag to match).

Changing "table"

There is a silver garbage can on the floor because I don’t have the willpower to do make/wash cloth wipes as well…we will definitely go the Costco route on those!  The changing pad has an Etsy-purchased cover from The Pink Polka Dot Store thanks to a gal I coach basketball with (Thanks Rachael!).

You may have noticed a super cute mobile over the changing table.  A student of mine MADE it to match my beloved fabric.  She asked for an image of it back in April and gave this to me on the last day of school.  It matches perfectly and she did an amazing job (thanks Skye!).  Check out the detail on the sticks that hold the animals as well…I am so blessed!

Changing pad and mobile

Zoom in on the mobile

Alright, last piece of giraffe art: over Baby Z’s bed is an oil pastel frame of mama and baby, in teal of course.  There is purposefully nothing in the middle…that’s where Baby Z’s prayer goes.  In Ben’s family, every child has a prayer that his folks prayed over them while they were growing up.  As a gift, Ben’s parents and sisters wrote Baby Z a prayer.  They had to leave her name blank, though, because we are keeping that a surprise.  I retyped the prayer with her name in it and am waiting to put it in the frame ’til we bring her home.

Baby Z's prayer frame

Final crafting piece: the roman shades.  Thank goodness for Jen Duncan’s tutorial…it made them a breeze (thanks to my sister Sarah for helping!) and I even made a pair for the window in our next master bedroom I loved the project so much!  Here are two shots of them: one with the shades wide open (so you can see how much light comes in on a typical afternoon) and one with one of them down (so you can see how dark the room gets).  Great project!  You also get a good look at the diaper bag and car seat cover in this pic…

Open roman shades

Closed roman shades

That’s it!  Now we just have to wait to meet her!  Feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the things I made or picked out via Etsy.


2 thoughts on “Baby Z’s Room

  1. Wow, I love it! Also so cool to see my little elephant ready to be played with (although now I’m wishing that I’d made her yellow instead of purple).

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