Reading Corner Floor Couch

Finally!  I am such a procrastinator.

reading corner

Ben did an AMAZING job with the built-ins in our master bedroom.  You should totally check that out if you haven’t yet.  My job was to figure out how to make it comfy – find and buy a floor couch, which are quite pricey, or make one.  Hmm…make one.  Yup.

After finding the cheapest floor couch and/or floor pillows for more than $100, we decided we could put $50 into materials to make one.  I spent $45 and found a free, down pillow couch on Craigslist for free.  F-R-E-E.  And not one that had been sitting in an alley or on a corner for days.  This gal lives in one of those nice houses a few blocks north of us on one of those tree lined streets and she didn’t smoke or have pets.  Score!  I did need to get rid of the couch frame – which is cut up in pieces and sitting in the alley – but I could use the rest.

To do’s:

Wash the down pillows.  Took awhile but totally worth the time, electricity, and gas (we have a gas dryer).

Design the floor couch portion to fit the space.  Two separate cushions, as they were on the original couch, wouldn’t fit right so I decided to make them one big cushion.  But when you make one big cushion and cover it with one cover, the insides usually move around and are uncomfortable.  Hence the design portion.

Remove all the down from the original cushions covers.  Messy.  Dog and cat loved it.

Make an inner cover to hold the floor couch together within the finished cover.  Include baffles for a down topper.

Choose/purchase materials.  Apparently I can’t adequately plan how much material I need because I was totally short and needed to use an old jean skirt as the back for one of the pillows!

Make the pillow covers and floor cushion cover.

That’s it, right? 🙂  Here it is in pictures.

reading corner expl 1

I totally used one of those electric meat carving knives to cut through the foam.  A definite Stay Classy, Everett moment.

reading corner expl 2

Here’s to…

…many books read with kiddos.

…lots of cuddle time and conversation.

…a place to have quiet time with God alone, with my husband, and/or teaching kids how to pray.

reading corner 3


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