Snowshoeing…with a 4 month old

Yeah, that’s right.  We took Serafina snowshoeing.  I promise I am not a crazy person…just someone who loves the outdoors and doesn’t see a reason to let being a [new] mom to a 4 month old stop me from enjoying the great outdoors.  Especially if you saw the weather report on New Year’s Day.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to go snowshoeing when my favorite weather page from the National Weather Service declares clear, crisp, and sunny?  That said, it was a gorgeous day and I thought I would share some pictures from our outing, especially for those of you who think snowshoeing is lame, too cold, or some other excuse to not come out and have fun with us.  Try not to drool all over yourself in envy of the beautiful scenery, wonderful company, and general good times had without you.  Oh, and come with us next time. 🙂


As for the imperatives…


Us (duh): Dad, Mom, Baby, and Dog

Friends: we’ll call them the newlyweds (cuz I haven’t asked if they want to be flung all over cyberspace…which isn’t very far since I’m pretty sure the farthest away person who reads this blog is my Coastie-wife friend in Jacksonville…what up, Goose!)

Uncle: he got new snowshoes for Christmas and wanted to try them out.  We also discovered that he is Mr. Prepared and brought along a snow shovel with which he built us a snow bench (so I could nurse Serafina in comfort…more on that awesome treat).


Again, duh: snowshoeing.  If you’ve never been, it’s hiking in the SNOW with special SHOES that keep you from falling too far through the powder (aka postholing).


New Year’s Day 2013!  Clearly, we are not partiers as we were out enjoying the day after a night of non-revelry.  I actually worked on entry 2 of my ProCert the night before until 11 (whoop-de-doo)…party animals right here in River City.


Possibly the funnest, easy, nice-snow snowshoe I know of: Smithbrook.  You drive just east of the Stevens Pass summit, turn around at the Nordic Center so you’re now heading west on Hwy 2, and park on the side of the road at the big clearing.  Then you climb up the wall of snow (somebody always makes a set of stairs or something like it) and get yourself to the Forest Service road you’ll be hiking on.  That’s what it is actually: a Forest Service road that, in the summer, goes 21 miles through to Lake Wenatchee.  Some people take Smithbrook to get to Lake Valhalla but it’s hard to find the trail in the winter if you haven’t done it in the summer…trust us…


Does this really need answering?  Some mountaineer said, “Because it’s there.”  Well, I won’t be summiting Everest any time soon but I love getting out in our awesome big backyard.  We live in a beautiful place!

Time for [more] pictures.  God really outdid Himself when He created the Pacific Northwest.  He also was feeling especially creative when He made snow – as a science teacher, I have a unique appreciation for the six-sided crystalline structure water takes one when it expands upon freezing (and I thought it was interesting enough to tweet about it!)  Alrighty…

Serafina wonders what we’ve gotten her into


On the way up


I said UP didn’t I?


Serafina slept in the Ergo the whole way up (~2 hours) so she was borderline hangry when we got up…my uncle quickly made a snow bench, though, so I nursed in comfort. This was all the girls on the trip…


Requisite rockin’ dog picture. She was built for the snow!


The view from our lunch spot. Did I mention how amazing the weather was?


Enjoying the view from Dad’s lap…quite milk drunk. And don’t worry everyone, we kept her in the shade so she didn’t get snow blindness…


The rest of the crew on the snow bench


These pictures look faked! Honestly…no filter, no touch ups, nothing. Just God’s creation with a blanket of snow and some seriously clear skies.



And since all good things come to an end…how about some attitude from the littlest one in the group?

“Look what ya’ll missed! Boo yah!”



5 thoughts on “Snowshoeing…with a 4 month old

  1. Thanks for the shout out maverick!! Even though I’m loving the warm weather here I do get jealous of snow pictures. It’s a bummer to no even have the option if doing something like that. Every if there was snow, there are not mountains, let alone hills here in Jax. 😦 love you!

  2. Becka, you guys should come up for a weekend and go with us! I borrowed 2 sets of snowshoes from some friends who aren’t using them anytime soon so you don’t even need your own!

    Mandy, I am glad you got a bit of snow when you were here for Christmas. At least you get sunshine more often than we do. 😉

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