Coffee stands

Everett’s got more than it’s fair share of naughty “bikini barista” stands.  They’ve got names like *and I am NOT making any of these up* Twin Peaks, 3 Pretty Girls and 1 Ugly One, Hillbilly Hotties, Chicka Latte, and my favorite, Java Juggs.  When one named Fantasy Espresso went in a few blocks from our house, I thought seriously about petitioning for some variance to be enforced so they couldn’t be there.  But I didn’t have to because only 2 months after they opened, they were boarded up.  Praise the Lord!

Their replacement, however, scared me at first.  It was painted black and red, typical colors for these types of coffee stands.  And then I drove by again and it was open…and named…


You’ve got to be kidding me.  Oh no, they’re serious.  And these guys keep their shirts on!  Yes, they’re all guys and they make coffee.  Hilarious.  So clever.

Hey Bro-istas – thanks for keeping Everett classy.

SCE bro-istas


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