Kids say the darndest things

Disclaimer: this could happen in any town, but the context is SO Everett…

So I was just sitting on our back deck in the sunshine writing thank you cards for gifts I received at a family baby shower.  A semi-questionable looking guy with 4 kids (8ish to teenagers) stops at our [chain link] gate that opens to the alley and all 5 of them start calling Maya…by name.  I kinda freak out inside but instead get up, open the gate, and start talking to them.  We talk about where we got her, how old she is, and how expensive it is to adopt a dog from the shelter (he calls it a “down payment”) while he intermittently stops to warn his youngest against trying to pick Maya up.

After we’ve chatted a bit (I still have NO idea how they know her name), one of the teenage girls goes, “Are you having a baby?”  The other, slightly older teenage girl responds, “You idiot, she’s obviously pregnant.  There’s no way she could be that fat in one place.”

The littler kids start asking me questions about when the baby is coming, etc and Ben finally comes outside and acknowledges [who I assume to be] the dad.  Apparently they’ve chatted through the fence before.

Teenage girls without tact?  Oh, I know, totally normal.  But the response was just priceless, especially in the back alley.


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