Langus Park Sign

The Craigslist ad was just too awesome to be the first official entry; it sets the stage for the rest of my entries.  Hopefully they can live up to that standard.

I photographed on this sign while coaching the other day.  I should actually be making fun of myself as an Everett resident for just noticing this considering the fact that I have been on this dock to coach 3 days a week since late February.  In my defense, I did notice it shortly after I started coaching (okay, at least 3 weeks in) but I just kept forgetting to take my camera to practice.  You know how it is with electronic devices and water.  Plus, it is just so gorgeous down there that I can claim that I was always distracted by the view, the beauty of the sport of rowing, etc…right?

Anyways, see if you can figure out why this is the first entry for Stay Classy, Everett.  I give you a hint in the picture (yes, I crudely Photoshop-ed it myself).  If you can’t figure it out, come back in a week or so and I’ll write a comment describing the amazingness of this picture.

Here’s to literacy/spelling in city government!

Somebody didn’t use spellcheck…


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