Who needs cable?

I’ll admit right up front that I am responsible for this Stay Classy, Everett moment.

We finally got fed up with Comcast’s terrible service and constant rate hikes and left the bloodsuckers for Frontier (lesser of two evils?).  While we used to have internet and [extremely] limited cable, we switched to internet and a home phone line (email me if you want our number!) for the same price.  Since we really only watched TV for the news, a few shows that are also on Hulu or Netflix, and sports on major channels (CBS, NBC, FOX), we figured we’d be fine with just a pair of digital rabbit ears.

Boy, were we wrong…

Set up #1: after 20 minutes of fiddling with what direction to aim the rabbit ears, how to rotate the circle thing, and then how many clicks to turn the circle thing on the receiver base, I got CBS to show up (it has the Bronco/Raven game right now).  Then I thought about having more metal involved in the equation so I went out to the garage and found a pipe and some boxes to prop the antenna up on (I had discovered that it worked well to hang off the table so I figured I needed boxes to hold it up.

Grade: C+


Set up #2: what if there was even more metal involved?  And maybe some power?  Touch the antenna to a powered-on lamp and turn the whole house into an antenna. 🙂  The signal still goes in and out sometimes, I have to limbo to go anywhere past the living room, and there is a giant metal pole precariously propped on a bookshelf behind where someone would potentially sit, but hey, we’re saving upwards of $50 a month.  We won’t be hosting a Super Bowl party anytime soon but we are enjoying a choppy version of the NFL Divisional Playoffs.

Grade: B+

(A- if you think about the money we’re saving)

(A+ if you think about the awful Comcast service we no longer have to deal with)


Remember, Stay Classy, Everett!


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