All Church Crab Feed? Yes, please! (plus a recipe)

This is borderline Stay Classy, Everett material but in a very, very good way.  We go to a small-ish church but we know how to have a good time.  This past weekend, we had an all church crabbing day on Saturday and crab feed on Sunday.  Living in Everett, with the water right at our doorstep, the chance that somebody (or a few somebodies) has a boat is pretty high (a big perk of livin’ in the 98201).  So between 2 boats out of the Port of Everett Marina and 2 boats up in Cornet Bay, we loaded up some 30 people throughout the day Saturday and brought in quite the crab haul.

PGCC crab feed words

We then converged on the home of one of our churchgoers to have our Sunday service which included a guitar trio (myself included) for a worship band and a baptism in the backyard swim spa.  Pretty awesome.  Oh yeah, and did I say we had crab after?  And lots of other great food?  God exhorts us as believers to fellowship with one another and invite others to join us…which is exactly what we did!  People brought non-church-going family members and neighbors which made for a great afternoon.  I made an apple pie (crust from scratch, of course) with some canned apple pie filling I made last summer.  Everything was deeee-lish!

They also had a small above-ground pool so Serafina and I gave it a try…a bit chilly but we still had fun.


Oh, the recipe!  Ben went crabbing with one of the church guys a few weeks ago and we had more crab than we could eat a once so I made these crab cakes.  Check them out under the “Eat” tab under “Recipes.”

Happy Tuesday!


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